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Chipmunks in the Forest – Child Care Campbelltown

Our family owned, long-standing child care in Campbelltown (Only a 3- minute drive from MacArthur Square) has been serving the Campbelltown community for many years. Through this time we have worked hard to ensure our facilities and programmes are always high quality for the children in our care. Our children have access to two beautiful large backyards where children can learn and explore through nature. Our childcare centre has multiple long-standing, committed educators who have build strong relationships with families within our Campbelltown community.

What makes our preschool in Campbelltown stand out?

1. High-quality educational programmes for children of all ages

Our long-standing, committed and highly qualified educators ensure that children’s interests and individual developmental needs are the core of the daily programmes. The children will have access to thoughtful experiences that ensure a smooth transition throughout all our learning environments. Our highly qualified and experienced educators at our Campbelltown preschool ensure their programmes are enriching and enticing for all children by reflecting on the interests and needs of each individual child. Our educators ensure families can give input about their child and ensure we are incorporating all current interests and needs into our weekly educational programmes.

2. Gourmet, delicious and nutritious hot meals

Our onsite chef is busy cooking up delicious hot meals for the children at our Campbelltown Childcare Centre. Our 4-week rotating menu ensures that children are not only getting variety but we also ensure they are having fresh, delicious meals that deliver all of your children’s nutritional needs. Even the pickiest of eaters won’t be able to say no to our delicious meals.

3. Very convenient location

Chipmunks in the Forest is right in the heart of the community. We are located just a short drive from Campbelltown Hospital, Macarthur Square Shopping Centre as well as Rosemeadow Shopping Centre. Macarthur train station is conveniently located less than 2kms from our centre, as well as multiple buses running along Woodhouse Drive. We are conveniently located just a short 2-minute walk from Ambarvale Public School and Thomas Reddall Highschool.

4. Learning through natural play

Chipmunks in the Forest Childcare Centre in Campbelltown has not one but two large outdoor spaces for the children to enjoy throughout the day. Our front yard is equipped with many activities to challenge your child’s gross motor skills such as climbing mounds, climbing frames, balancing logs, slides and so much more. The children can also take a break in our large undercover sandpit, which is always a favourite. Our educators ensure the learning doesn’t stop inside by providing an engaging outdoor program each day for the children to extend on their interests and learning. In the backyard of our Campbelltown daycare the children can engage with nature and textures all throughout. With real grass throughout, the children are nothing except calm when engaging in this area. The favourite activity however is engaging with our 2 chickens, looking for eggs as well as helping to feed and take care of them. With these two engaging learning areas, there is something for every child to love.

5. Passionate, dedicated, long-standing educators

Our team of educators are beyond passionate about building a strong educational foundation for your children whilst also ensuring to nurture their individual personalities and development needs. Our educators have numerous years’ experience not only at our Campbelltown Childcare but in the industry. They have dedicated many years to perfecting their approach to Early Years Learning and we are confident you will be impressed by each and every one of them. Families’ past and current will agree, our team of educators are beyond amazing.

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Engaging Environments: Our Campbelltown Child Care Centre has 3 rooms that cater for children 0-5 years

Tiny Wanderers Room (0-2 Years)

Our nursery room ensures that children feel safe, nurtures and cared through the use of age-appropriate resources and space to learn at their own pace. Whether that be pulling up on our low furniture or bonding over a story with our nursery educators, we ensure that our Tiny Wanderers room has activities for all development milestones. The dedicated educators in our nursery room understand the importance of assisting children in developing strong connection to their learning environment and having a sense of belonging before all else. In our nursery room the children most enjoy; sensory experiences, gross motor experiences to challenge sitting up, crawling and walking as well as time spent bonding with the educators in the room.

Chipmunks in the Forest Childcare in Campbelltown - Tiny Wanderers Room
Chipmunks in the Forest Child Care Centre in Campbelltown - Little Explorers Room

Little Explorers Room (2-3 Years)

The Toddler Room at our child care in Campbelltown is designed to support children with a variety of interests. We ensure that your child will have access to experiences that encourage creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, self-help skills and of course resilience. Our Toddlers most enjoy; creative experiences such as free drawing/painting, finger painting, collaging and more, construction activities such as train sets and duplo as well as imaginative play with a variety of setups.

Preschool Room (3-5 Years)

The Preschool Room at our preschool in Campbelltown understands the importance of developing a program and routine to support children of all ages. The educators work closely with each child to incorporate activities that are appropriate to their individual developmental needs. Our dedicated educators ensure that families are always given the opportunity to add input to the routines and programmes and ensure they are always working collaboratively with families. In our preschool room we see all children as ‘preparing for school’ so age-appropriate experiences are set out each day to support this. Developmental reviews are conducted with families every 6 months to track your child’s journey to Primary School and ensure that any areas of development that need further encouragement are documented and plans are put in place to support your child. In our Preschool Room children most enjoy; construction experiences such as Lego, Magnetic Shapes and creating with wooden blocks, numeracy activities such as identifying numbers and patterns as well as literacy experiences such as learning to write their name, identifying letters etc.

Chipmunks in the Forest Preschool in Campbelltown - Preschool Room

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We hope that this has given you a good insight into our Chipmunks in the Forest Child Care in Campbelltown. We would love to show the families in our Campbelltown community all of our fantastic facilities, educators and experiences so please feel free to book a tour and come and see us.