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Chipmunks in the Garden – Childcare Strathfield

Our family owned and operated childcare in Strathfield has been servicing the community for many years. Our team of long-standing educators have a combined total of over 40 years’ service at our Strathfield childcare centre. Our centre is designed to provide calming spaces for children 0-5 years and ensure from the moment they walk in, it feels just like home. Our small boutique centre helps our team to build strong, meaningful relationships with all families and deliver personalised care and education.

What makes our Strathfield childcare stand out?

1. Small, boutique feel

At our Strathfield preschool we understand that choosing the perfect centre for your family’s needs can be quite overwhelming. Do you go for a larger centre or a smaller centre? An older centre or newer? Our child care in Strathfield fits somewhere in the middle of this. The older boutique feel of our childcare centre creates a homely environment for the children, whereas our new resources ensure that children have access to learning opportunities in all areas. Our centre is relatively small to ensure the children do not feel overwhelmed in their learning environment however our extremely large outdoor area ensures that children can run and explore freely. We guarantee we have something to suit every family’s needs.

2. Nutritious, delicious hot meals

Our long standing chef at our preschool in Strathfield has been with us for over 12 years and in this time has been able to perfect her menu planning to include all the necessary nutrition as well as be pleasing to children of all ages. Our children get to experience dishes from all around the world as our chef incorporates the centres cultures into the weekly menu. Children with dietary needs have access to delicious alternative meals also so at our Strathfield childcare centre they will be well fed each day. Our chef encourages input from families into the menus to ensure the meals provided are enjoyed and leave the children with full tummies to take on the rest of their day.

3. Long standing, passionate, dedicated team of educators

Being a small boutique family owned and operated service, we pride ourselves on getting to know our team of educators personally and ensuring we are supporting them every day. Through staff development and team appreciation events we ensure our team of dedicated, passionate educators feel happy to come to our service each day and therefore our educators have remained with us for so many years. We understand the impact that high staff turnover can present to your little ones as they are learning to build strong bonds and are setting the foundation for their social and emotional well-being. Our team of educators are extremely passionate about Early Years Learning and developing their teaching strategies to help them become the best educators they can be for your children.

4. Two large outdoor learning areas

At our Strathfield childcare we offer not one but two outdoor yards that cater for different age groups. In the front of our service, we have a large outdoor space adjoined to our Tiny Wanderers Room (0-2 Years) which means your little one can explore, learn, and take risks in a safe environment catered to their age group. In the back of our service we have a large outdoor yard with a variety of areas including; a large sandpit, gross motor areas for climbing, balancing and jumping. We have a large wooden cubbyhouse for those children who love imaginative play as well as a large seating area for those that enjoy quieter activities. Both of our outdoor areas are surrounded by garden beds with various vegetables, plants and fruits. The children love learning about how plants grown and the responsibility we have to take care of them.

5. High quality, personalised, engaging programs

At our Strathfield child care you can expect the highest quality educational programs that reflect on the developmental needs of all children as well as catering for their personal interests as well as all input given from our families. We ensure to work collaboratively with our families to ensure we are working towards the same developmental goals both at home and the centre, to give each child the best chance for success. Every educational program is developed to ensure that each child’s goals and interests are reflected. We acknowledge that every child learns and develops at their own pace and our programs reflect this as we work towards a range of different goals each day. Our families always comment on the fact they know exactly what their child is learning and what goals they are working towards.

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Engaging Environments: Our preschool in Strathfield has 3 rooms that cater for children 0-5 years

Tiny Wanderers Room (0-2 Years)

In our babies’ room our long-standing educators have built beautiful relationships with all the children in their care. We understand that these couple of years are imperative for future learning as they build their social skills, emotional awareness and so much more. The children in our Tiny Wanderers Room have the opportunity to explore, take risks and develop their personalities through a range of planned age-appropriate experiences. We understand the importance of developing strong routines at this age and this is why we work collaboratively with our families to set strong routines both at the centre and at home.

Top 3 Experiences in the Tiny Wanderers Room

  • Sensory Experiences i.e Slime, Playdough, Finger painting.
  • Gross Motor Experiences i.e climbing, rolling, tummy time.
  • Building strong relationships: Our nurturing educators at our Strathfield child care ensure that each child in their care feels safe and comfortable to come to childcare each day. Our families often comment on how easily our babies’ transition to care and this is achieved through one on one interactions and responding their cues.
Chipmunks in the Garden Strathfield Childcare - Tiny Wanderers Room
Chipmunks in the Garden Strathfield Childcare Centre - Little Explorers Room

Little Explorers Room (2-3 Years)

In the Toddlers Room at our Strathfield childcare centre, we acknowledge the vast differences between the children in our care. We appreciate these differences by planning and programming a range of educational areas such as imaginative plays i.e. dolls houses, dramatic play scenarios and felt board stories. As well as construction areas for our mini builders with foam blocks, wooden blocks, magnetic connectors and more. As well as art and craft areas with pencils, collaging and more for the creative children. We ensure that every child feels comfortable to explore every area of interest and design our programs to reflect these different interests.

Top 3 Experiences in the Littler Explorers Room

  • Art and Craft Experiences i.e. painting, collaging, and drawing.
  • Dramatic play – kitchens and cooking, home environments with babies, dollhouses.
  • Self-help experiences – Wiping their own nose, collecting belongings, putting on their shoes and jumpers etc.

Preschool Room (3-5 Years)

The preschool children at our Strathfield preschool have access to a large learning environment that is purposely set out each day to include experiences for both the 3-4 years and the 4-5 years. We ensure that the children can always give valuable input into their learning as we acknowledge children’s voice and incorporate this into our daily programs. We deliver a high-quality school readiness program throughout the entire day that focuses on numeracy concepts, literacy, self-help, social skills and so much more. Throughout the year the families of our pre-schoolers receive detailed reports that focus on each area of development, these reports help our educators to reflect and set realistic learning goals. We believe in creating a routine that allows children to develop their own identities and interests however and this is why free-play and collaborative play are always incorporated into our daily programs.

Top 3 Experiences in the Preschool 2 Room

  • Construction experiences i.e. train sets, Lego, magnetic shapes etc.
  • Numeracy activities i.e writing numbers in sand, identifying patterns.
  • Literacy activities i.e. magnetic letters, writing own name, literacy games.
Chipmunks in the Garden Preschool in Strathfield - Preschool Room

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We hope that this has given you a little more insight into our boutique childcare in Strathfield. We welcome you for a tour of our service, our team of passionate dedicated educators cannot wait to meet you.