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About Chipmunks Childcare centres

Chipmunks childcare is a family owned and operated childcare centres based across Sydney NSW. We acknowledge the importance of adapting to the needs of each individual community we operate in and therefore, no two of our centres are the same. All of our Early Learning Centres in Sydney follow the same guideline stated in the NQS, NQF and EYLF however our approaches are very different for each community we operate in.

Our Sydney childcare centres core values are around enhancing the educational experiences of the children in our care and we recognise the importance of strong communication and relationships with our families and surrounding communities. You will find at Chipmunks Childcares that you are treated like family, even before your child’s first day. Our teams of dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable educators, cooks and directors across all of our childcares in Sydney are professionals in their field and our in-depth recruitment process ensures that the right people are hired for each role. We ensure autonomy across our teams and respect them for what they bring to the centres they work in, therefore we find team retention to be high as we value and work alongside each of our team members. We recognise the importance of consistency to build strong relationships and a sense of well-being and belonging for your children, there you can be assured that you will see familiar faces each and everyday, and be clearly communicated with if there were any changes occurring.

Our education approach is to ensure the children have the opportunity to add input into their learning and environments. We recognise that 90% of a child’s brain will develop in their first 5 years, and that our time with them will be setting the foundation for all future learning. Our team of educators ensure to program age-appropriate experiences for children across all age groups to set realistic expectations for learning. Each child is observed individually for their own personal strengths and goals and families are communicated with effectively to stay up to date on these observations. We recognise the importance of engaging learning environment for the children in our care, and we ensure that resources and facilities are regularly updated to support this.

Our education approach in Chipmunks Child Care Centres
Close communication with families across all Chipmunks Early Learning centres

We acknowledge the hard tasks that is leaving your precious gift in the care of another, so through strong honest communication across all of our daycares in Sydney, you will stay up to date on their settling progress, all learning and development, any incidents that have occurred, any contagious illnesses that have occurred at the centre, as well as all daily information including nappy changes, eating habits and rest. Throughout each year our families have the opportunity to give feedback through regular survey which our Sydney child care teams reflect on together and put actions in place for improvement. Families are encouraged to also give input to our Quality Improvement Plans which outlines areas in which we feel need extra improvement.

The school readiness program in our Chipmunks Preschool classes works towards ensuring every child in our care has a strong foundation for future learning. We recognise the importance of self-regulating, self-help skills, strong socials skills and a good understanding of numeracy and literacy. Therefore, our Preschool teachers in Sydney ensure to work with each child individually and assess each child for areas they need support with, as we recognise that no two children learn the same way.

We are dedicated to maintaining children well-being and safety. Therefore, our teams ensure that the play environments they create are age appropriate and safe for children to explore freely. Our teams are regularly updating their first aid and CPR knowledge as well as Asthma and Anaphylaxis.

Our extensive medical management plans ensure that any medical needs for new or existing children are communicated effectively to ensure the safety for that child. This also includes any cultural needs and personal preferences.

What can you expect from a Chipmunks Child Care Centre?

  • Respectful & dedicated Educators, Cooks & Directors.
  • Knowledgeable and highly experiences educators.
  • Nutritious meals prepared on-site.
  • Engaging and well-maintained facilities and resources.
  • Clear and honest daily communication.
  • Regular communication regarding your child individual development and learning.
  • Nurturing and homely environments.
  • Inclusion of all families and children.
  • Easy to understand communication on children’s daily programmed activities.
  • Complete support from Management and team.
  • The opportunity to always give input in all centre practices as well as your child’s learning.
  • Easy to use app for accounts.
  • Value for money – Meals & nappies provided.
  • Activities that support the cultures and interests of each of our team members. These include language classes, music classes, sporting classes and more.
  • Regular incursions.
  • Easy to understand daily communication on children sleep, eat and nappy change.

Chipmunks Early Learning centre philosophy

At Chipmunks Early Learning centres, we strongly believe that a child begins learning from the moment they enter the world, and never stops, even into adulthood.

At Chipmunks daycares we believe that each centre should be tailored to suit each community we operate in. Therefore, our child care centres in Sydney are run autonomously by each Centre Director with support offered where needed by Senior Management.

We strongly believe that early education sets the foundation for all future learning and development, therefore we ensure that this is common understanding across all of our team members at each service.

We believe that children’s safety is of the utmost importance. Our team of highly dedicated educators across all of our daycare locations in Sydney ensure to create engaging and safe environment where children can explore and become curious learners.

We ensure that children have a safe, homely environment to come to each day they attend our centres and that every child is appreciated for the individuals they are.

We acknowledge and respect the backgrounds, culture and individual needs of every child and family in our service and work collaboratively with our families to ensure they feel valued and respected.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Chipmunks Daycare family!

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