Discover our childcare centres near you in Sydney, NSW

Our preschools and early learning centres provide a clean, stimulating, nurturing and safe environment that makes children and their families feel right at home. Explore one of our high-quality daycares near you in Sydney.

Childcare in Lethbridge Park

Childcare in Lethbridge Park - Chipmunks in the park

Our ‘2020 business excellence’ winning daycare centre in Lethbridge Park ensures that your family will feel a part of our centre community each and every day. Our team of educators have built strong relationships with children and families both current and past. We are conveniently located next to Lethbridge Park Public School and offer ample parking for families to make drop off and pick up a breeze.

Childcare in Ambarvale

Childcare Ambarvale - Chipmunks in the forest

Our preschool in Ambarvale offers many long standing, highly experienced educators with many years combined knowledge. Our team prides themselves on their strong relationships with families and children and can assure your child will feel safe and appreciated each and every day. We are conveniently located just near Ambarvale Public School and Thomas Reddall Highschool.

Childcare in Belfield

Childcare Belfield - Chipmunks in the garden

Our childcare centre in the heart of Belfield, located just next to Nature’s Best fruit market features 2 large outdoor yards that the children have access to for all hours of the day. We ensure the children have access to a variety of outdoor experiences from quieter craft experiences to more risky play and obstacles. We harness the cultural backgrounds of our educators and offer Korean classes as well as Chinese classes throughout the week.

Childcare in Rosemeadow

Childcare Rosemeadow - Chipmunks in the Meadow

Our child care is proud to be part of the Rosemeadow community and have been serving the needs of families past and present for many years. We are proud of the connections made within the community such as Leap Frog Program at Rosemeadow Public School which supports our school leavers as they become familiar with the school environment and classrooms. Located just near Rosemeadow shopping centre is situated in a convenient location.

Childcare in Seaford

Childcare Seaford - Chipmunks by the Sea

A boutique, family owned child care centre located next to Belvedere Primary School in Seaford, Melbourne. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality of care across two learning environments, each featuring an open plan layout. Our committed educators are dedicated to offering enriching experiences that are tailored to meet the needs of every child under their care. Whether your child has a passion for art, engineering, construction, dance, or acting, we actively encourage and nurture their interests at Chipmunks by the Sea.