Chipmunks childcare Sydney

Chipmunks child care

To create the best environment for early learning, young children need to be loved. We want all of children to want to come back each day enthusiastic to know what they will be learning about next. All of our professional staff have a strong commitment to care and nurture the young children who attend Chipmunks childcare centres in Sydney.

Chipmunks child care centre Sydney

Early childhood education

90% of a child’s brain development occurs between the ages of 0 and 5 years. Chipmunks child care centres seek to deliver excellence in education for children attending our Centre’s. We endeavour to set the standard in what can be possible in learning outcomes for young children

Chipmunks daycare Sydney

Fun learning for kids

The most important gift we can give to children attending our daycare Centre’s is a passion for learning. To awaken their curiosity on the world so they continue down this path throughout their life. Early learning is important, but loving to learn is what really matters for the future. Using a child’s imagination to its fullest is the key to unlocking this passion for learning.

Welcome to Chipmunks Childcare Sydney – Family owned and operated

Our 4 locations across Sydney have been designed with our core values in mind which are around enhancing the educational outcome for young children in the communities we operate in. We recognise that the environment is a third teacher in the education of children, and hence prepare our environments to reflect the current interests and learning of each child and age group. At Chipmunks Child Care we reflect the individual interests and developmental needs of each child in our care. We ensure each child is reflected within our program as well as the experiences we provide.

Across all child cares near you in Sydney, children have access to meaningful indoor experiences as well as outdoor. Children’s safety both indoor and outdoors is a main priority across all locations.

At Chipmunks Daycare Sydney we pride ourselves on having strong communication with families across all locations, this includes daily updates on the children’s learning and interest, routine information including sleep and eating as well as upcoming events and all incidents being communicated effectively. We ensure our families feel valued and able to give input through regular family surveys.

At Chipmunks Preschools we recognise the importance of safety, well-being and belonging. Through our programs and meaningful interactions we believe your child will learn, reach milestones and most importantly, have the best time before their transition to school. At Chipmunks Early Learning Centres we strongly believe that a child begins learning from the moment they enter the world, and never stops, even into adulthood.

Chipmunks childcares Sydney are family owned and operated

Chipmunks childcare centres near you in Sydney, NSW

Childcare Belfield - Chipmunks in the garden

Childcare in Belfield

Chipmunks in the Garden
Affordable daycare centre & preschool in Belfield, 5 min drive from Campsie and Strathfield conveniently located next to Nature’s Best Belfield. Find out more >>

Childcare Rosemeadow - Chipmunks in the Meadow

Childcare in Rosemeadow

Chipmunks in the Meadow
Affordable family-owned preschool in Rosemeadow, located just near Rosemeadow shopping centre. Find out more >>

Childcare in Lethbridge Park - Chipmunks in the park

Childcare in Lethbridge Park

Chipmunks in the Park
Affordable daycare centre in Lethbridge Park, conveniently located next to Lethbridge Park Public School. Our preschool accepts children from 0 to 5 years. Find out more >>

Childcare Ambarvale - Chipmunks in the forest

Childcare in Ambarvale

Chipmunks in the Forest
Affordable daycare centre in Ambarvale, 5 minutes drive from Campbelltown conveniently located next to Aldi. No bonds and enrolment fees. Find out more >>

6 Reasons to send your child to a Chipmunks Daycare centre Sydney

1. Our programs

Our learning programs are developed to extend on your child’s current interests and developmental needs. Our programs are developed weekly to ensure each experience is an extension of current learning. Our educators use the Early Years Learning Framework to guide their experiences and ensure the children are working towards age appropriate milestones such as self help skills, communication, social and emotional skills.

3. Relationships with families

We recognise the difficult task that is drop off each morning, handing care of your most precious gift over to our team of educators. This is why we pride ourselves on consistent communication with our family, ensuring you know exactly what your child has learnt throughout the day, what individual goals we are working on with your child and over-all how their day has gone. We work closely with our families to ensure their thoughts and feelings are heard and reflected upon and we do this through regular feedback surveys being sent to every family. At Chipmunks Daycare Sydney we pride ourselves on having close relationships with all of our families, and ensuring they feel welcomed and appreciated each day.

5. Sense of belonging

To ensure the children in our care get as much from our programs as possible, we understand the importance of them feeling welcomed, valued and having a sense of belonging to their environment. Our team of educators take the time to understand your child, their needs, routines and individual personalities. From the moment you enrol you are encouraged to tell us all about your child and how we can ensure a smooth transition to care. From there we are always reflecting on how we can better support each child and ensure they feel cared for and appreciated at the centre. At Chipmunks Child Care we greet all families and children with a bright happy smile to let them know just how happy we are to have them in our care each day.

2. Experienced long standing educators

At Chipmunks Early Learning Centre we recognise the efforts of every team members and their commitment to the children in their care. Each location of Chipmunks Preschool has many highly experienced and qualified educators, cooks and directors. Staff retention is high within Chipmunks Child Care as we value our team members and work closely with them to harness their individual talents and backgrounds.

4. School readiness program

Our preschool school readiness programs are developed by qualified university degree early childhood teachers, across all locations. Activities are developed to be enjoyable and engaging whilst helping your children develop needed skills and understanding for a smooth transition to primary school. Our school readiness programs cover basic maths skills, literacy skills such as confidently writing their own name and recognition of letters and their sounds. We also focus on the most important skills such as social skills, turn taking, empathy, self help skills such as putting their own shoes on and collecting and being responsible for their belongings.

6. Gourmet meals

Across all locations we have highly experienced cooks preparing gourmet meals for your child. Our menus are Munch and Move approved and therefore reach the national dietary requirements for children 0-5 years of age. Our menus are developed to support all allergies and dietary requirements as well as personal preferences from families i.e. Halal meals. The children at Chipmunks Preschool have access to meals from breakfast to late afternoon snacks, ensuring they have that much needed fuel to continue learning and growing each day.

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What our parents ask about childcare Sydney

How to find the best childcare centre in Sydney?

There are many great childcare centres throughout Sydney, it is all about finding what suits your family’s needs the most. We recommend searching ‘childcare centres near me’ to find a centre convenient in location, located either near you or on the way to work for easy drop off and pick up. It is important to have a look through each centre and meet the educators who work there. Every family is looking for different things for their children so by visiting and comparing a few centres you will know what one best suits your needs.

What are the benefits of preschool education in Sydney?

Children will benefit greatly from having attended daycare for even 1 day per week. The best daycares in Sydney will offer the children at least 3 cooked meals as well as a program that extends on their individual learning, interests, and milestones. Children will learn vital skills needed for a smooth transition to primary school such as social skills, emotional skills, self help, and school readiness basics.

Is preschool free in NSW?

Some community run preschools in NSW are offering free care for children 4-5 years old currently as well as select few 3-year old’s may be eligible. All long NSW daycares are not free and were only free for a couple of months during COVID to support families who were struggling financially and impacted by the pandemic. Free preschools usually come with a long waitlist also and may not be able to fit you I before your child is ready to start school.

How much does daycare cost in Sydney?

Childcare costs will depend greatly on where in Sydney you were looking for care. You will find suburbs with majority high income earners will be more expensive for childcare fees. As you move in the suburbs with lower income earners the childcare fees become cheaper. Centre with large amounts say 100+ children each day will often be cheaper than the smaller centre with say 40 children each day.

What is the importance of early childhood education and care?

Early childhood education and care is important for a number of factors. Children benefit from being exposed to early learning prior to attending primary school as they can learn vital self-help skills and social skills. Children cannot be exposed to these learning environments outside of a day care setting and therefore will be better off having attended a daycare. Childcare cost is usually the important factor when deciding on an early learning centre, however you can find many great affordable day-cares and of course the childcare rebate will help assist families with affording this.

What is the best age to go to daycare?

Attending daycare can be beneficial at all ages. To enrol children as a baby into a day care setting will help to boost their immune systems. Babies often settle and bond with educators more quickly than say 3-year old’s so enrolling them earlier is beneficial. If enrolling children later, say 3-4 years old it is important to look at enrolling them for numerous days to help with the settling process as it will often take much longer if a child is only attending a daycare 1 day.

How much does daycare cost per year in Sydney?

To find affordable daycare Sydney for you, you may have to call quite a few centre to compare pricing. Each centre will offer different things and often be hesitant to give you their full price fees. Centres will often ask what your CCS percentage is to be able to quote you the cheapest price. This is fine and helpful however to understand and compare each centre it is best to have the full pricing for each, in case your CCS percentage ever changes. It is important to remember that cheap childcare in Sydney is not always the best option, usually there is reason why their fees are much cheaper than others in the area. This could be the facilities they offer, lack of staffing and other things such as do they offer meals? Do they offer nappies? And do they offer any extra programs for your child to enjoy? That is why it is always important to view the centre before committing. The total cost of daycare will be dependant on your childcare rebate and the centre full fees, it is best to sit down the director of the centre to better understand what you will need to pay out of pocket each week as well as understand any bonds or upfront payments you will need to make.