Belfield childcare centre - Chipmunks in the Garden

Chipmunks in the Garden Preschool – Childcare in Belfield

Location: 10 Downes Street Belfield NSW 2191
Telephone: 02 9053 2160
Opening Times: 7:00am to 6:00pm (Monday – Friday)
Rooms: Tiny Wanderers (0-2 years), Little Explorers (2-3 years). The Preschoolers Room (3-5 years)
Additional: Freshly cooked gourmet meals, Early Learning Years Framework curriculum applied, and registered under Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

What makes Belfield childcare centre different

We are a small, boutique child care centre located in the heart of Belfield conveniently located next to Nature’s Best Belfield and across the road from Mancini’s Restaurant. Our daycare is family owned and operated and we have a strong educational focused team of educators from diverse backgrounds. We take enrolments for our preschool from Belfield, Campsie, Strathfield South, Lakemba, Belmore, Greenacre, Burwood Heights and Chullora.

Why Belfield childcare centre is different and its advantages
Belfield Daycare Centre Features and Services

Belfield daycare centre features

  • Care for children 6weeks – 5 Years
  • 3 separate rooms
  • 2 separate large outdoor yards
  • Cooked meals prepared at the centre with 4-week rotating menu
  • Separate meals prepared for children under 12 months
  • Long standing qualified, knowledgeable educators
  • Long standing director
  • Affordable fees
  • Age-appropriate fun learning for all children 0-5 years
  • Open 7am- 6pm
  • School readiness program for preschool aged children
  • Daily communication via closed Facebook family group
  • Monthly observations on the children’s development

The latest updates on Belfield childcare

Please use this next section to scroll through all the fun activities we have enjoyed over the past few weeks here at Chipmunks in the Garden. Our team of educators support the children’s interests and development needs by creating fun, meaningful and engaging activities at Belfield Childcare. All of our activities are age appropriate and endeavour to support the developmental needs for each age group.

Take a look at our childcare Belfield

Chipmunks in the Garden is divided across 3 rooms that cater for each age group; 0-2 years, 2-3 years & 3-5 years. Through this gallery you can view each room along with activities we have had available to the children. You will also be able to view our 2 outdoor areas; 0-2 years outdoor play space and 2-5 years outdoor play space.

Find Chipmunks in the Garden Preschool – daycare in Belfield

Our Belfield daycare provides childcare to all surrounding areas such as Strathfield, Campsie, Belmore, Lakemba, Croydon Park, Greenacre, Ashbury and Ashfield. We are conveniently located just down from Nature’s Best Fruit shop and Mancini’s Pizza. Parking is available along Downes Street or in the 3 hour car park across the street.

What our parents say about our daycare Belfield

We strongly believe that your child would thoroughly enjoy every minute at Belfield Chipmunks in the Garden Daycare. We are confident that your family would feel valued and always have an opportunity to add input. However, please don’t just take our word for it, below are the 5 most current google reviews from families past and present.

Chipmunks in the Garden at Belfield provides a wonderful, safe, fun and nurturing environment for children to learn and thrive. This is a centre run by highly motivated, passionate, dedicated and very skilled educators who provide a caring, family focused, holistic approach to learning and developing children. Nutritious, healthy meals are prepared on site each day, offering a great variety of food.

It is thrilling to see my child achieve so much in leaps and bounds since commencing his time here at the age of 10 months. He has fantastic, professional educators around him who continue to foster his growth and education.

A big thank you to all the staff who always go above and beyond the call of duty. These women are way beyond awesome.

I would not trust anyone else to look after my little one and I know he absolutely loves his time here. I highly recommend this place to other families in the area who may be considering it. You won’t be disappointed!

La Pixmas

Our daughter has been attending Chipmunks since November 2018 (she started at 10 months old when it was formerly called Oz Education). The staff at the centre are caring, nurturing and very professional – we could not be happier with our choice and our daughter is thriving!

The centre is very clean, organised and fully equipped and has a very large outdoor area that is shaded and perfect for the kids to run around and play. Our daughter absolutely loves the meals provided which are all prepared freshly onsite. The centre Manager, Danielle is excellent and very responsive – I have been known to reach out to her on weekends to request casual days quite often, and she is always so helpful.

And the staff – these are all wonderful women who truly enjoy what they do and love the children they care for and I am sure all the children love them back too! Our little girl is learning so much and is able to participate in various educational and fun activities throughout the week which has really boosted her development – she comes home with new words and stories to share every day! The staff share daily updates and photos so that us parents don’t miss out on the fun!

Our family is very happy to be able to send our daughter to Chipmunks and would highly recommend it to all local families.

Tariq Ballout

A perfect place to grow and learn for my nephew, He shows lots of improvement since he is joining the place and the communication between staff and parents always on the run to give updates about the recent activities for the kids. it is a highly recommended place for the staff are really caring and amazing.

Regina Perky

Highly recommended childcare! Very homey and safe environment. Staffs are amazing.

Nero 28

Chipmunks in the garden are great they really care about your child and are really caring they set up a lovely first birthday for my little baby and she is always buzzing to see them thanks so much for being a 2nd mama to my baby girl.

Nadine Leeper

Meet the Belfield Chipmunks in the Garden Preschool team

Our team at Chipmunks in the Garden Belfield have many years of combined experience and knowledge. Their time with Chipmunks in the Garden Preschool ranges from 6 years – 12 years. Below you can get to know our team, their individual teaching philosophies.



Belfield Childcare Centre Director

I believe that teaching should be fun, filled with experiences which allow children to feel supported and guided by their educators. I pride myself in providing a fun and safe learning environment across all rooms that allow children to grow and be proud to call us their preschool.



Belfield Childcare Babies Room Leader

Working with children has definitely built my knowledge about children’s development. I am dedicated to the social and emotional development of each child and make it my goal to make sure that each child receives the best care and love that they all deserve.



Belfield Childcare Qualified Centre Cook

As a cook, I will plan and prepare nutritious well presented and appropriate meals and snacks for the children within the centres. I respect individual requirements such as medical conditions, food preferences and cultural considerations and ensure children’s health and wellbeing whilst.



Belfield Childcare Operations & Compliance

I believe that as Early Childhood Educators we are setting the foundations for children’s future learning and must ensure to take this as a great responsibility. It is my passion to motivate teams and individuals to understand the importance of their role as an Early Childhood Educator.



Belfield Childcare Room Leader

I enjoy hearing the voices of the children and seeing their faces light up with fervour each time they learn something new undoubtedly brings boundless joy.



Belfield Preschool Room Leader

Working with children is fun and joyful. I enjoy working with children. Every child is special for me and I enjoy watching them grow up in my care. I enjoy supporting each child’ needs, strengths and providing a safe environment. Developing child’ interests and implementing it into the program.



Belfield Childcare Assistant Educator

I love providing children with compassionate care and monitoring their well being, supervising and directing children. I really enjoy working with children and this is a great chance for me to do what I love.

What our parents ask about preschool Belfield

We have made finding the perfect preschool in Belfield for your children and family that little bit easier by answering some FAQs. Below you will find helpful information around costs of childcare, the differences between preschools you may have already viewed, as well as other useful information. We hope these make your tasks of finding the perfect child care centre for your family that little bit easier.

How to find a child care near me in Belfield?

If your location services are on your phone will automatically pin your location on your search engines map. All you need to do is search ‘Childcare centres near me in Belfield’ and a list of centres will come up in order of distance from your current location. Alternatively, if you would like to keep your location off, you can search for example, ‘Childcare centres Belfield’ and a list will come up of all centre in that area and surrounding areas also.

What is the cheapest childcare option in Belfield?

Belfield preschool are often the cheapest childcare option however daycare can be very affordable also depending on how much CCS you receive. It is important to know how many hours of CCS you have each fortnight also. For example, if you receive 100 hours per fortnight but your child attends a centre 5 days that is open for 11 hours each day, your childcare provider can arrange for your child to attend 10 hours per day, and ensure you receive CCS coverage for every hour they attend, making your childcare fees cheaper.

What is the difference between daycare and preschool?

Daycare offers care to babies and toddlers usually from 6 weeks in age. The best daycares will also offer fresh cooked meals throughout the day and are open for longer hours to help working families. Preschool rarely offer meals and are usually open for much shorter periods of the day. Both offer learning experiences for children to help prepare them for primary school. Childcare fees are often cheaper at a preschool however considering longer hours and meals provided at a daycare, these usually outweigh cost.

What are the pros and cons of daycare Belfield?


  • Children will be better prepared for the transition to primary school.
  • Children will learn important social skills.
  • Children will form bonds with educators and other children.
  • Access to a large variety of experiences from arts & craft to science experiments, literacy, numeracy and so much more.
  • Children will learn self help skills such as putting on their own shoes, packing their bags and collecting their belongings.
  • Their immune systems will be boosted before going to school therefore decreasing their chance of picking up common colds and flues.
  • Children will be encouraged to better regulate and understand their own emotions and express these in a healthy way.


  • In the beginning of daycare children may pick up germs from the centre as their immune system becomes stronger. It is highly recommended to start children a few weeks prior to returning to work as they may become ill in the first couple of weeks.
  • Injuries may occur as multiple children are together during the day. Educators work to supervise and ensure the safety of all children however occasionally injuries may occur still.
  • Childcare costs often can be a burden so it is important to calculate your income correctly when applying for Belfield Childcare Subsidy to ensure you are getting as much assistance as you can towards you weekly fees.
Is daycare better for the child than staying home with mom?

Staying home with mum is usually the cheaper option however for some families this just isn’t possible. It is also very beneficial to have your child attending a daycare prior to transitioning to primary school, to learn skills that are not possible if at home, i.e., social and emotional skills, being able to separate from mum as well as introduce them to common germs to boost their immunity.