Seaford childcare centre - Chipmunks by the Sea

Chipmunks by the Sea Preschool – Childcare in Seaford

Location: 186 Seaford Road, Seaford Victoria, 3198
Telephone: 03 8657 7596
Opening Times: 7:00am to 6:00pm (Monday – Friday)
Rooms: Tiny Wanderers (6 months – 3 years). Explorers (3-5 years).
Additional: Early Learning Years Framework curriculum applied, and registered under Child Care Subsidy (CCS), School Readiness and Transition to school program, Nappies & Wipes Provided, Meals Provided.

What makes Seaford childcare centre different

Chipmunks by the Sea – Early Learning Centre is a boutique, family owned child care centre located next to Belvedere Primary School in Seaford, Melbourne. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality of care across two learning environments, each featuring an open plan layout. Our committed educators are dedicated to offering enriching experiences that are tailored to meet the needs of every child under their care. Whether your child has a passion for art, engineering, construction, dance, or acting, we actively encourage and nurture their interests at Chipmunks by the Sea.

Why Seaford childcare centre is different and its advantages
Seaford Daycare Centre Features and Services

Seaford daycare centre features

  • Childcare services for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years
  • Two spacious indoor learning areas
  • Two outdoor yards designed to accommodate various developmental milestones
  • Nutritious cooked meals with a rotating menu spanning six weeks
  • Dedicated and exceptional educators
  • Incorporation of natural resources throughout the learning environment
  • Affordable fees
  • Age-appropriate and enjoyable learning experiences for children aged 0-5 years
  • Extended operating hours from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm to support working families
  • Special school readiness program tailored for preschool-aged children
  • Regular communication with families through a closed Facebook group
  • Monthly observations of children’s development shared via Hubhello platform

The latest updates on Seaford childcare

Take a glance at the recent activities of the children at Chipmunks by the Sea. To stay updated on what’s coming next, visit our Chipmunks by the Sea Facebook page.

Explore Chipmunks by the Sea

We are delighted to share with you some glimpses of our centre, Chipmunks by the Sea. These photos showcase our commitment to children’s education and care, as well as our dedication to providing a safe environment for all children.

Find Chipmunks by the Sea – Early Learning Centre in Seaford

Our Seaford Childcare caters to families from nearby communities like Frankston, Frankston North, Carrum Downs, and Carrum. Take a glance at the map to determine if our location is convenient for your family.

What our parents say about our daycare Belfield

We strongly believe that your child would thoroughly enjoy every minute at Belfield Chipmunks in the Garden Daycare. We are confident that your family would feel valued and always have an opportunity to add input. However, please don’t just take our word for it, below are the 5 most current google reviews from families past and present.

Chipmunks in the Garden at Belfield provides a wonderful, safe, fun and nurturing environment for children to learn and thrive. This is a centre run by highly motivated, passionate, dedicated and very skilled educators who provide a caring, family focused, holistic approach to learning and developing children. Nutritious, healthy meals are prepared on site each day, offering a great variety of food.

It is thrilling to see my child achieve so much in leaps and bounds since commencing his time here at the age of 10 months. He has fantastic, professional educators around him who continue to foster his growth and education.

A big thank you to all the staff who always go above and beyond the call of duty. These women are way beyond awesome.

I would not trust anyone else to look after my little one and I know he absolutely loves his time here. I highly recommend this place to other families in the area who may be considering it. You won’t be disappointed!

La Pixmas

Our daughter has been attending Chipmunks since November 2018 (she started at 10 months old when it was formerly called Oz Education). The staff at the centre are caring, nurturing and very professional – we could not be happier with our choice and our daughter is thriving!

The centre is very clean, organised and fully equipped and has a very large outdoor area that is shaded and perfect for the kids to run around and play. Our daughter absolutely loves the meals provided which are all prepared freshly onsite. The centre Manager, Danielle is excellent and very responsive – I have been known to reach out to her on weekends to request casual days quite often, and she is always so helpful.

And the staff – these are all wonderful women who truly enjoy what they do and love the children they care for and I am sure all the children love them back too! Our little girl is learning so much and is able to participate in various educational and fun activities throughout the week which has really boosted her development – she comes home with new words and stories to share every day! The staff share daily updates and photos so that us parents don’t miss out on the fun!

Our family is very happy to be able to send our daughter to Chipmunks and would highly recommend it to all local families.

Tariq Ballout

A perfect place to grow and learn for my nephew, He shows lots of improvement since he is joining the place and the communication between staff and parents always on the run to give updates about the recent activities for the kids. it is a highly recommended place for the staff are really caring and amazing.

Regina Perky

Highly recommended childcare! Very homey and safe environment. Staffs are amazing.

Nero 28

Chipmunks in the garden are great they really care about your child and are really caring they set up a lovely first birthday for my little baby and she is always buzzing to see them thanks so much for being a 2nd mama to my baby girl.

Nadine Leeper

Meet the Belfield Chipmunks in the Garden Preschool team

Our team at Chipmunks in the Garden Belfield have many years of combined experience and knowledge. Their time with Chipmunks in the Garden Preschool ranges from 6 years – 12 years. Below you can get to know our team, their individual teaching philosophies.

Emma Younger

Emma Younger

Seaford Childcare - Centre Director

I believe that children grow, learn and play in an environment that supports their sense of belonging. I hold high values for all educators in building strong secure relationships, not only with the children but families as well.

Carmen Ambrose

Carmen Ambrose

Seaford Childcare Centre - Educator

I believe in increasing a nurturing and inclusive environment where children feel safe, valued, and empowered to explore their world. By recognising each child as a unique individual, I aim to tailor experiences that cater to their interests, needs, and abilities, promoting active engagement and a love for learning.

Teileigh-Jayne Glover

Teileigh-Jayne Glover

Seaford Childcare - Assistant Director

I believe by fostering a sense of Belonging and Acceptance, children are empowered to express themselves. Through play, investigation and interactions I am able to help develop children in to confident little learners.

Chloe Mouritz

Chloe Mouritz

Seaford Childcare - Lead Educator

My philosophy as an educator is that I believe that every child in my care should feel valued, heard, understood and they should always feel like they have a voice.

Ebony Craft

Ebony Craft

Seaford Childcare - Early Childhood Teacher

I believe in the power of a child’s freedom of choice ,by providing an environment fostering both structured and spontaneous play. I am committed to nurturing respectful and meaningful relationships with children and their families, through constant, open and meaningful conversations. Developing a partnership to support each child learning growth and development.

What our parents ask about preschool in Seaford

How much does day care cost for an infant per day in Seaford?

Childcare prices vary across different services based on the offerings provided to families. Some centres may require families to provide their own meals and necessities such as nappies, wipes, creams, etc. These centres usually have lower fees due to lower operational costs. On the other hand, centres that offer freshly cooked meals and include all necessities tend to have higher fees due to higher operational expenses. Additionally, the experience of staff and wage costs can also contribute to fluctuations in fees within the area.

To determine if a centre’s fee schedule aligns with your financial circumstances, it is best to contact the centre directly and speak with the Centre Director. They will be able to calculate the exact out-of-pocket cost for their service based on your Child Care Subsidy percentage.

Is day care better for the child than staying home with mum?

Childcare can be an intimidating prospect, particularly for first-time moms who need to resume work. It is crucial to thoroughly research the childcare centres in your area and, if possible, arrange an orientation visit to meet the educators and become acquainted with their routines and practices. Engaging in this process can provide numerous benefits for your child, including fostering emotional and social well-being, preparing them for future learning experiences, and building resilience, among many others.

Does 90% of a child's brain development happen before age 5?

Research indicates that a significant portion, approximately 90%, of a child’s brain development occurs during the critical period from birth to five years of age. At Chipmunks by the Sea, we deeply understand the vital role we play as early childhood educators. As a result, our programs are thoughtfully crafted to align with the unique interests and developmental milestones of the children in our care. We prioritize setting attainable goals for each child and maintain open communication with their families, actively seeking their input.

Why is nurturing creativity important in children?

While early learning is undeniably important, we go beyond that by fostering a genuine love for learning among the children in our care. Our primary focus is on nurturing their creativity and sparking their curiosity about the world, enabling them to embark on an exciting educational journey. Additionally, we place great emphasis on cultivating meaningful friendships among peers, recognizing the importance of social, emotional, and communication skills. At our centre, our dedicated educators actively support and guide these friendships as children navigate and develop these essential abilities.